WoLF – Woking’s online local food directory

Fresh Strawberries

Welcome to the home of the Woking Local Food (WoLF) Directory

Want to know where your food comes from and to support local businesses and jobs?  Want to ensure that your food is not transported long distances causing unnecessary pollution?  You’ve come to the right place!


  • Producers of food and drink within 30 miles of Woking
  • Retailers and eateries in or close to the Borough selling local food (within 5 miles)
  • Information about special dietary requirements

The WoLF directory has been developed by a Woking voluntary group, in partnership with the national local food website Big Barn and the support of Woking Borough Council.

The aims of the WoLF directory are to:

  • Help Woking residents to choose foods which:
    • Are produced as locally as possible
    • Promote good quality food available in and around Surrey
    • Are not transported long distances, so have lower carbon emissions
    • Enable residents to know where the food comes from
  • Help to build local food networks – links between consumers and local producers and retailers
  • Encourage more local shops and eateries to stock and use local food
  • Enable the borough to become more self-sufficient and self-supporting
  • Promote independent local businesses with environmental and social awareness

We need your help to develop the WoLF Directory.  If you are a local producer or retailer of local produce please get in touch by email wokinglocalfood@gmail.com. It’s free to be included in the Directory.