WoLF – Woking’s online local food directory

Find out about Woking’s local food producers at Woking Food & Drink Festival

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Want to know where your food comes from? Want to support local businesses and jobs?  Want to ensure that your food is not transported long distances causing unnecessary pollution?

The Woking Local Food (WoLF) directory has been developed by local volunteers and is available online. Woking residents can use it to look for local food producers and retailers stocking local food.

Volunteers will be at the Woking Food & Drink Festival (2nd-4th September 2016) talking to people about the directory and raffling some local treats. In addition to delicious edible products, donated prizes so far include tour and tasting vouchers for Albury vineyard and beeswax candles from Marion the Beekeeper.

About Woking Local Food (WoLF)

WoLF is an initiative of community group Woking LA21 (https://wokingla21.wordpress.com/). The project aims to help Woking residents to connect with food produced locally and to promote local food producers and retailers stocking local food.

For the latest updates, you can connect with the WoLF Facebook page or Twitter account.

About Woking Food & Drink Festival

This year’s Woking Food & Drink Festival is taking place in the town centre, including Jubilee Square, Commercial Way, Mercia Walk, Market Walk, Gloucester Walk and Gloucester Square. It will feature over 80 stalls, plus activities including children’s cookery workshops, English wine masterclasses, celebrity book signings, a Bake Off competition, and guided tours of the Tante Marie culinary academy. Headliners at the event include Jane Devonshire, reigning MasterChef Champion, and Antonio Carluccio.

For more information visit: www.wokingfoodanddrinkfestival.co.uk

You can download this information as a press release (PDF).