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Opportunity to take over a small local food business

Horsell Preserves

Horsell Preserves

Does the idea of running a small food business appeal to you? This might be the perfect opportunity!

Local resident Xenia Norman set up Horsell Preserves and is now looking for someone to take over the business, due to ill health. The business focuses on producing and selling homemade preserves produced from locally grown fruit.

Xenia is generously offering to pass on her wealth of expertise, as she would dearly love to see the business continue. In addition to information on the relevant legal issues for the business, Xenia is happy to pass on details of the suppliers she has used, her own original recipes for her butters, fruit jellies and herb jellies, and various potential leads for new stockists. She also has some equipment which she would be happy to pass on.

An important part of Horsell Preserves has been the willingness of local residents to supply their surplus homegrown fruit for free. This is a wonderful way of making the most of the glut of fruit that would otherwise go to waste. Xenia is happy to let her contacts know if someone new plans to carry on Horsell Preserves.

This is a great opportunity for someone! Is it you?

Contact Xenia at info@horsellpreserves.co.uk or call 07985 904 076.